Lions Profile: Paul Edwards

Posted on May 20, 2013

Paul Edwards is one of the quiet achievers at the Lions. Although never going to be the most physically gifted player, he has worked hard, has exceptional mental talents for the game and after representing NSW in 2012 is poised for a starting role on the offensive line in 2013. He is also one of the club’s stalwarts off the field, picking up much of the slack in many roles in the executive. When not waist deep in human filth (Paul works for Sydney Water… or at least uses that  as an excuse), he managed to clean his hands and sit down for an interview with us.

A cerebral player, Paul (#75) is excellent at picking up the blitz

How long have you been playing for?

Since 2007, so 6 seasons now.

What position?

Offensive line, mostly at tackle, although some time at guard.

What is your sporting background?

I grew up playing soccer and tennis. At university I got ‘forced’ to play some rugby, though this was due to me playing football.

What do you like about the game?

I love that everyone is involved in every play in some way. Everyone has a job to do, and even when the ball isn’t coming your way, or it is run play not a pass, everyone has to do their job and it matters.

What do you find the biggest challenge of the game?

The complexity of knowing all the different plays and assignments is the big challenge I face. Even when it is a relatively simple play, there are numerous different alignments and defences you may face and each has to be dealt with in its own way.

Where do you hope to go with the sport?

I had dreams and goals to play for Australia, but after a couple of injuries I am just happy to play for the Lions. I got the opportunity to play for NSW in 2012 so I am quite proud of that.

Athletic enough to cover kicks, Paul (51) demolished the Victorian kick returner while playing for NSW

Favourite pre game music?

To be honest, I’m not a big pre game music kind of person. If I was to, I would have to say probably some nice classical music to relax, leading up to a bit of metal before game time, I’d probably have some fun and listen to Dethklok.

Favourite pre game food?

Nothing. I don’t eat before a game. Post game, I’m a big fan of a good caramel cookie mcflurry, ice cold heaven. Particularly after a hard game.

Favourite Lions memory?

Being a part of the 5th straight winning season in my rookie year. Starting the final also capped off a great start to my career. There was so much passion building that season.

Toughest opponent you ever faced as a Lion?

The Lions defence is easily the hardest opponent. Facing them every training session is something I dread. Not only are they very good, they learn, and playing them each week they tend to learn the theme of our plays quite well, making it hell to face them.

Favourite opposition to play against?

I would have to say Central Coast or Newcastle. Part of it is that they are a little easier than some of the other teams, but they play with heart and the really enjoy the game and the competition. The players appreciate a good play and good game. They are learning and getting better, so hopefully soon I won’t be quite so keen to face up against them.

Favourite movie?

The Hurt Locker