Lions FAQ

Who are the Lions?
The Sydney Uni Lions is the team entered by the Sydney University American Football Club in Division I of Gridiron NSW (GNSW).  The Lions were a foundation team of GNSW, playing their first game on 29 April 1984. The Lions are the only team to have competed in every season of GNSW competition.  The Lions have established an enviable winning tradition, playing in 29 championship games in 35 years and winning 20 GNSW titles – the most by any club. The Lions have won the last 16 Waratah Bowls played for the GNSW championship from 2003 to 2018.

The Lions Women play in the Gridiron NSW competition, entering the first female team in the clubs history in 2018. The Lions also went on the claim the Opal Bowl in their inaugural season.

The Sydney University American Football Club is a member club of Sydney University Sport & Fitness – the body which administers all sporting and recreational activities at Sydney University – and has been a member club since 1985.  The American Football Club was awarded the John Kean Trophy as the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness Club of the Year in 1985, 1991, 2006 and 2012.
What about all the equipment?
The Club has all of the equipment needed to play – helmets, shoulder pads, accessory pads, jerseys and pants. The Club has a storage facility (called “the Den” and located in the carpark behind the grandstand to No 1 Oval at Sydney University) where the playing equipment is stored.
Players may purchase their own equipment or hire equipment from the Club. The hire fees are $100 for helmet and shoulder pads for the season. A $100 deposit is payable on hiring and repaid on returning the equipment. For first year players, the Club provides accessory pads, game and training jerseys and pants for the season on payment of the Club membership fee. All of this equipment must be returned by first year players at the end of the season.
Players must take care of the Club equipment and it must be returned in good order at the end of the season. If equipment is lost or destroyed, then the player will need to fund the purchase of a replacement.
How much does it cost to play?
The Club membership fees are $275 (inc. GST) for Sydney Uni students and $330 (inc. GST) for non-Sydney Uni students.  Players must also pay the $65 (inc. GST) fee to join Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness.
These fees cover the cost of Gridiron NSW registration and are the cheapest by a long shot of any club in NSW – we don’t make money from you, we just charge you what the league charges us. These fees are to be paid in full by the first game of the season, we also offer payment plans on request however the GNSW registration fee is payable on commencing to train with the team, as the registration fee includes insurance coverage and no player will be allowed to train without being covered by insurance.
Do I have to be a student at Sydney Uni to play for the Lions?
No – Anyone may play for the Lions on becoming a community member of Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness.
How do I register to play for the Lions?
To register your interest in playing for the Lions, fill in a contact form and make sure to Like us on Facebook 
When and where will training be held?
Training starts in the offseason and is essential to grasp the concepts of the game.

Dates and activities for 2019 are as below:

  • Sun, 12 May: Skills Session I @ St Johns Oval
  • Sun, 19 May: Skills Session II @ St Johns Oval
  • Sun, 26 May: Trials & Testing Day @St Johns Oval
  • Wed, 29 May: Club Information Night (Location TBC)
  • Sun, 2 June: Lions Sunday Training commences @ St Johns Oval
  • Wed, 5 June: Lions Wednesday Training commences @ St Andrews Oval

Please email to register your interest and be added to our TeamApp mailing list.

When and where will the games be played?
The GNSW draw has not yet been released.  The season generally runs from late August to mid-December, with games played on Saturdays, at venues across the greater Sydney region.
Will I be covered by insurance?
On a player registering with the Club, he joins Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness and becomes covered by a Personal Accident Insurance Plan 24 hours per day, 365 days per year worldwide, provided the accident occurs while undertaking Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness activities, such as playing for or practicing with the Lions.The current policy includes a maximum of $3,000 non-Medicare medical expenses per accident claim (with $250 excess per claim). The policy covers medical costs incurred within 12 months of the accident except those that are fully or partially recoverable from Medicare. The scheme also includes loss of employment income.A claimant may be eligible for weekly injury benefits to a maximum of $250 per week for a maximum of 26 weeks. Foreign students or players who are not eligible for Medicare are not covered by the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness policy. The club recommends that these players check the details of their travel insurance and take out appropriate insurance if not covered.To make a claim, players who are not students of Sydney Uni should complete a claim form (available from the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness website at and lodge it through Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness no later than 30 days after the date of the accident. The injured player should pay all costs, make claims against their Private Health Insurance (if any) and then forward the receipts to the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness office.On registration with Gridiron NSW, a player also becomes covered under insurance provided by Gridiron Australia. Information on the coverage provided under the Gridiron Australia policy can be provided on request. A player is not able to recover under both policies but may choose to recover under the better policy. If you wish to discuss making a claim on insurance for an injury, please see the Team Manager.