Cubs FAQ

Who are the Cubs?
The Sydney University Cubs is the team entered by the Sydney University American Football Club in the Gridiron NSW Colts competition. The Cubs was one of the foundation teams of the Gridiron NSW Colts competition (then called the NSWGFL Juniors) and won the championship in the inaugural season of competition in 1994. In 17 years of competition, the Cubs have won 6 state championships – more than any other team – including the 2009 Gridiron NSW Colts championship.  More information on the history of the Cubs can be found by clicking on the History link on the Cubs page. The Sydney University American Football Club is a member club of Sydney University Sport & Fitness (“SU Sport”) – the body which administers all sporting and recreational activities at Sydney University – and has been a member club since 1985. The American Football Club was awarded the John Kean Trophy as SU Sport Club of the Year for 2006. This was the third time the club had won the award. SU Sport is the most successful sporting club in Australian history, having produced more Australian representatives and won more major competitions than any other sporting club. More information on SU Sport can be found on its website at
What about all the equipment?
The Club has all of the equipment needed to play – helmets, shoulder pads, accessory pads, jerseys and pants. The Club has a storage facility (called “the Den” and located in the carpark behind the grandstand to No 1 Oval at Sydney University) where the playing equipment is stored. Until the games start, players pick up their equipment from the Den prior to training and return it to the Den after training. Players must take care of their equipment and it must be returned in good order at the end of the season. All equipment, including playing jerseys, remains the property of the Club and must be returned. If equipment is lost or destroyed by a player, then the player will need to fund the purchase of a replacement. The Club equipment has identification numbers marked on the equipment. If these numbers become dislodged or damaged, please notify the Team Manager as soon as possible. Players are not permitted to alter or modify the equipment in any way, including removing or swapping cheek pads or chin straps on helmets, adding any stickers or decals to the helmet or removing the decals already on the helmets. The equipment is only to be modified or altered under the supervision of the Team Manager. The Lions paw decals on the helmets have been awarded to senior players and are not to be touched. The Club does not provide mouthguards or shoes. All players are required to wear a mouthguard. Many of our games this year will be played on Astroturf fields. Football boots with long studs are not suitable for Astroturf. Touch football boots or boots with small studs are suitable. If you have any concerns with particular boots or shoes, please show them to the Head Coach.
How much does it cost to play?
The 2022 registration fee has not yet been finalised (we don’t charge you any more than the league charges us), however in 2020 it was $355. The Club requires this registration fee to be paid before a player may commence training.
What is the age limit?
In order to play for the Cubs, a player must turn at least 16 in the year of the competition and must not turn 21 in the year of the competition. For 2022, this means that players must have been been born between 2002 and 2006 (inclusive).
Do I need any prior experience?
No.  Each year about half of the Cubs playing roster have never played the game before. The coaches start from the very beginner’s level and will teach you the skills needed to play the game.
How do I register to play?
To register your interest to play for the Cubs, please fill out the contact form and make sure to Like us on Facebook  to stay up to date with events.
When and where will training be held?
Training starts in the offseason and is essential to grasp the concepts of the game. Dates and activities for 2022 are being finalised.

Please email [email protected] to register your interest and be added to our mailing list.

When and where are games?
Season starts in late August/September until December. Games are played on Saturdays across the greater Sydney region.
Will I be covered by insurance?
Yes. On a player registering with the Club, he joins SU Sport and becomes covered by a Personal Accident Insurance Plan 24 hours per day, 365 days per year worldwide, provided the accident occurs while undertaking SU Sport activities, such as playing for or practicing with the Cubs. The current policy covers limited medical and income protection and is available on request. To make a claim, players who are not students of Sydney Uni should complete a claim form (available from the SU Sport website at and lodge it through SU Sport no later than 30 days after the date of the accident. The injured player should pay all costs, make claims against their Private Health Insurance (if any) and then forward the receipts to the SU Sport office. Gridiron NSW no longer provides insurance as part of the league registration.