This section contains photos and videos from not only the current season, but from the archives. The Lions have a rich history, and although much of the archived footage has faded into the mist (which allows for them to be re-invented bigger and better at every preseason dinner), there are still a large number of photos and videos from the club’s early days, which will be uploaded here. If you have any old photos or videos of the Lions, please contact us, as we would love to share it with the world.


Cubs Photos from 2014

Lions Videos from 2014


Photos from 2013

Videos from 2013


Photos from 2012

Videos from 2012


Photos from 2011

Videos from 2011


Photos from 2010

Videos from 2010


Photos from 2009

Videos from 2009


Photos from 2008

Videos from 2008


Photos from 2007

Vintage Lions’ Photos

Photos from back in the day

Most of the photos from 2007-2011 were taken by the immensely talented Terri Shine. The Lions would like to extend our thanks to her for the time put into making us look so good.