Lions Profile: James Gifford

Posted on April 22, 2013

A self described Brony, James Gifford has been the consumate team player for years. Always willing to do what needs to be done, he is a large, athletic man, who has evolved into one of the best offensive linemen in the country. SUAFC sat down with Giffy and asked him a few questions.

The anchor of the offensive line: Giff is an athletic, dominant player

How long have you been playing for?

9 seasons

What position?

Started as Offensive Tackle, moved to Guard, had two seasons at TE and then the last few seasons as Centre

What is your sporting background?

Grew up playing soccer and cricket before I played a year of league while at university

What do you like about the game?

I really enjoy the explosive nature and intensity of the game. I also enjoy the complexity and strategy of American Football.

What do you find the biggest challenge of the game?

I find the pace and constant variations hard to keep up with at times. Snap counts, plays, pre-snap reads and then trying to make a differnce each play is intense. Some days it all just fits together and the game seems to slow down and it all just works

Where do you hope to go with the sport?

As I am coming to the end of my playing days I just hope to play competitively and have fun. I am looking forward to mastering the small challenges and hopefully making a difference on the field for the Lions. Also want to take the trophy back from WA if I get the chance.

Favourite pre game music?

Something slow early on but as we move closer to game time hard rock is best. Some Foo Fighters and Metallica always get the adrenalin pumping

Favourite pre game food?

All of them? I dont like to eat too close to a game but something high protein a few hours before is good. A protein bar just before game time helps

Favourite Lions memory?

Inappropriate comments with the Oline at training will always be the best part of football.

Toughest opponent you ever faced as a Lion?

The Lions D every training has always been the hardest opponent. It’s a luxury to know game day will be less intense and difficult than every Wednesday

Favourite opposition to play against?

I have always loved playing UTS and beating them every time…

Favourite movie?

I have a heap of favourite movies but my favourite football movie would be Friday Night Lights (the TV show was awesome too)

Giff's athleticism shines through when he pulls, as demonstrated here in one of the greatest photos ever.