Coach Fernley & Coach Wolfie Step Down

Posted on March 3, 2020

Michael Vrcelj and Peter Fernley, Head Coaches of the Lions Womens and Cubs respectively, have announced that they will be stepping down from their coaching duties for the 2020 season.

Michael Vrcelj, affectionately known as Coach Wolfie, joined Sydney Uni American Football Club in 2017 in order to take on the Head Coaching position of our first ever Women’s team. We could not have asked for a more enthusiastic and dedicated coach who was absolutely vital in taking the Women’s team from an idea, to a Championship winning side in their very first season. It was through this achievement and his talent that earned him the recognition of the annual Sydney Uni Sport Awards Coach of the Year.

Michael has a love for the game that is unsurpassed. His creative mind and deep-rooted passion is what our women love about his coaching style and keeps them engaged.

Michael has had numerous campaigns apart of outback level coaching staff. He says there is no other feeling quite like helping young athletes further develop their natural persistence, determination and resilience. Not only in competition, but in life.

Growing up Michael was coached by one of the greats of the game Frosty Westering (305 -96 -7) who taught his players to ‘Make the big time where you are” which is exactly what Michael did with his players. He taught our Lions women to change the world, make it better. Good wasn’t good enough, it was always let’s go and be great. His beautiful metaphors about football will be missed around the club and we wish him all the best.

Coach Fernley has also been Head Coach for the past 2 seasons and has done a fantastic job since first offering his help when the Cubs were without a coach. Coach Fernley has continued the drive of the Club to develop young players in to high level football players, and more importantly, great young men. Under Coach Fernley’s guidance, in 2019 we have seen 3 cubs players be selected to play for NSW, 2 selected for the Australian national team and 2 cubs players committing to play a season in 2020 with the Lubeck Cougars in Germany.

The club would like to thank Coach Fernley and Coach Wolfie for all their hard work and dedication.