Coach Dunne Resigns

Posted on July 10, 2012

Record-setting, multiple championship-winning coach, Stephen Dunne, has stepped down as head coach of the Sydney University Lions. After leading his team to nine consecutive state championships, Coach Dunne has earned a deserved rest from the stresses of coaching a successful team. While Coach Dunne will not be guiding the ship as the Lions attempt to win an unprecedented tenth straight Waratah Bowl, there are few who could argue he had much left to achieve in his 12 year coaching career. With 139 wins in 152 games as a head coach, Steve led the Lions to championship games in every one of the seasons he was at the helm, painfully losing the first three before embarking on a string of unparalleled success. In nine championship winning seasons, Coach Dunne was only defeated twice in 110 games for an amazing 98% winning percentage. His career winning percentage of 91.7% is the best in the history of NSWGFL, and he leaves the club having presided over five straight undefeated seasons and 69 straight victories.

Coach Dunne also enjoyed great success at the national level. In 2010 he was the head coach of the National Championship winning NSW Wolfpack, and was only a few points short of matching that feat earlier this year.

Steve will be remembered for his contributions on the offensive side of the ball. The former quarterback never lost his passion for the passing game, but was able to adjust and evolve playbooks on a yearly basis. Over his twelve years, the Lions offense has shifted from fullback-heavy, misdirection running, to run-and-shoot, to split backs, to heavy sets and ended in a merciless no-huddle spread offense that scored at a historic rate in 2011.

He was dedicated student of the game, able to bring in current football trends, while also paying homage to great offenses of the past with formations and play names that represented his own footballing heroes and all the while displaying his passion for the history of the sport. We would be confident to say that there is nobody in Australia with a greater passion for High School football than Coach Dunne- one American player who came out to play with us was amazed when Coach Dunne discussed in depth Californian High School programs with more detail than the native Californian.

Steve will be missed as a coach, a teacher, a motivator and as a friend. The Sydney University Lions would like to thank him for his years of service to the club, the amazing success that he has brought to the gold jersey and the lessons of life and football that he has taught every player who has had the privilege of playing for him. The club would also like to thank Steve’s wife, Santa for always providing the support Coach Dunne needed and for being patient as Steve’s other family took up so much of his time over the past twelve years.

The Lions wish Steve every happiness in the future, and hope he enjoys the extra time he can spend with his family. While he is no longer our head coach, he will always be a Lion.